MemoryPedic Visco 3000 Mattress with Cool-Flex Double

Choose this mattress for an exceptional night’s sleep every night. With a unique upper layer of visco-elastic polymer gel originally developed for NASA missions, this mattress will follow the outline of your body perfectly allowing blood to flow and circulate freely and preventing nerves and muscles from numbing.By supporting your spine the MemoryPedic Visco 3000 Mattress helps you find the best sleeping position, reducing tossing and turning. As well as high levels of comfort this mattress has convenient features such as hypoallergenic material and a handy dry-cleanable cover making it practical as well as luxurious.This mattress also has the Cool-Flex fabric knitted into the cover. Cool-Flex is ideal for when the heat goes up in the summer and you want to stay cool as excess heat and moisture vanishes. It is also very useful in the winter because the gaps between the surfaces turns into a layer of insulation to fight cold air.

£ 344.99

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